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Trading signals for JASMYUSDT → Attempted breakthrough. A chance of success

CRYPTO forecast
JASMYUSDT forms another retest of the strong resistance line. If the daily candlestick closes in the green zone, the growth is likely to continue with the subsequent achievement of our goals.

The previous attempt to break through the resistance resulted in the retest to the strong support at 0.005742.

If you pay attention to the forcing support, we can assume that the whales were actively gaining liquidity in these areas.

Another retest of resistance is formed (counter-trend movement) and there is an attempt to break through the resistance.

Strong support: 0.00675 and 0.00574.

Strong resistance: descending line (channel boundary), level 0.008325.

I expect that this time the breakout attempt may be successful. Consolidation of the price above the resistance will form bullish potential with further growth to 0.008325 and 0.01200