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Trading signals for #C98USDT → Realization of accumulated potential

CRYPTO forecast
C98 enters the phase of realization of the accumulated potential. A prolonged trend may change its direction, but in order to do that the bulls will have to take the priority in their hands

Global and local wedge are marked on the chart. The resistance boundaries of the figures coincide and the price breaks the area, consolidation is formed in the green zone and C98 starts to form a bullish momentum.

For the buyers, the resistance at 0.1751 is important at the moment. If the price breaks through and fixes above this area, the cryptocurrency pair can form a bullish momentum. Resistance at 0.3258 will be the priority target in this case.

Lately bitcoin is strengthening and forming consolidation of 30000-31000. A breakout of resistance will also give momentum to altcoins

Support levels: MA-50, 0.1540, 1.1209

Resistance levels: 0.1751

I expect the retest to 0.1751, which might end up with a breakout of resistance and in this case the price will continue growing. I am interested in the target of 0.3258 and 0.5750