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BLURUSDT → Trend break and positive fundamental background

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📈 BLURUSDT → Trend break and positive fundamental background


BLUR breaks the trend resistance and forms a retest of the upper flat boundary, which will keep the bulls from strong growth for some time. A pullback is possible before further growth
The cryptocurrency market is reviving on the back of bitcoin rally as well as Ethereum rally due to positive news.

As for BLUR: The coin is breaking resistance, but ahead of it is a strong area 0.4367-7375 - the upper boundary of the pullback or flat, previously there was a strong trend and bears are quite actively defending this zone. A small pullback or consolidation may be formed, the market needs to gather liquidity to overcome this area.

Support levels: 0.36

Resistance levels: 0.4367, 0.4375

The market is forming a trend change signal, but we need to wait for its confirmation: consolidation above 0.4367. This may cause a rally to 0.6 - 0.7.