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EURUSD → The currency pair may lose up to 2.5% ↓

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📈 EURUSD → The currency pair may lose up to 2.5% ↓


EURUSD is testing the 1.0884 resistance again after breaking the local channel. But it does not lead to success, as the bears are not letting the price up yet amid the complex fundamental environment
Technically, the currency pair is under a strong resistance zone. The limit level of 1.0884, formed by a big seller, continues to have a negative impact on the price. EURUSD may test 1.0802 in the near future. It is necessary to monitor the price reaction to this area. A quick retest or consolidation could be a prerequisite for a downside breakout and further fall to the lower boundary of the global range at 1.0606

Resistance levels: 1.0884, 1.0942

Support levels: 1.0802, 1.0736

I expect that the bears will continue to dominate the market on the background of the expensive dollar, which may lead to the fact that the currency pair may lose up to 2.0-2.5% of its value.