R.Linda Trading - forecast

STORJUSDT → MA200 is support. Price breaks resistance

CRYPTO forecast
Storj / TetherUS forms a set-up that allows you to open long positions. Price gains support from moving averages and breaks wedge resistance.

Given the increasing potential of the cryptocurrency market, many altcoins show positive dynamics, while bitcoin is in a strong consolidation and also waiting to reach the important mark of 3000.
Storj in a double signal opens a new path for itself. MA-50 and MA-200, after crossing, become a strong support area .
The price comes out of the wedge and prepares for the formation of growth.

I expect that in the medium term, after the price comes out of the wedge , the trend may change. I expect the price growth after the exit from the wedge . The medium-term target is the resistance at 0.5337; long-term target is the fibo level at 1.618 and the liquidity area at 0.6780