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NOTCOIN → "DUMP" and 0.015 or false breakdown and 0.04?

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📈 NOT → "DUMP" and 0.015 or false breakdown and 0.04?


NOT looks strong both fundamentally and technically, but the hourly timeframe is forming the preconditions for a “Dump” of the coin before a possible further rise
Since the opening (not counting the listing day), the coin has strengthened quite strongly without much pullbacks, which has created a rather large imbalance. In addition, there is a clear “Dump” scenario, where first the coin was pumped up to 450% and now it can be dumped in order to collect liquidity at the expense of traders who caught up with the outgoing train.

At the moment all the attention is on the area of 0.02-0.0199. There are two possible scenarios regarding the level and everything depends on the market reaction and traders' behavior. Either it will be a breakout and liquidation, or a false breakdown with the subsequent continuation of growth to the liquidity zones.

Support levels: 0.0199, 0.185

Resistance levels: 0.023, 0.0253

Volumes, investments are growing, but the coin cannot grow all the time. The market needs energy and whales may eat some buyers in order to form long positions at more favorable prices. We are watching the specified zone of 0.0199.