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XRPUSDT → Ripple prepares for 70% growth ↑

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📈 XRPUSDT → Ripple prepares for 70% growth ↑


XRPUSDT is forming a technical false break of support, in the long term consolidation above the zone should be formed with the purpose of continuation of growth, the potential of which can be opened by 50-70%
The price on W1 is squeezed within the triangle. Another attempt to retest the resistance zone is being formed. At the moment, the market is restrained from strong growth by the proceedings between the SEC and XRP. Ripple recently announced that they are willing to pay a $10 million fine instead of $2 billion, while two strong lawyers are resigning from the SEC. The upside potential will be a price consolidation above the 0.500 area and on a breakout of 0.73.

Support levels: 0.5000, 0.4226

Resistance levels: 0.6431, 0.7325, 0.8547

If the legal nuances are closed soon, a new bullish time will come for XRP and Ripple will start to conquer new peaks.