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Trading signals for #GOLD → The market is buyback the fall, but for how long?

GOLD Forecast
GOLD breaks the uptrend. A break of the support of the bullish price channel ends the impulse to 1893 and forms a smooth transition to the state of consolidation in the flat boundaries

On Friday, the price makes a retest of the previously broken support level of 1935. Tandem of technical and candlestick analysis does not give the preconditions for a possible breakout of the resistance in the near future. In the first half of the week the price might again test the 1935-1939 area and make a false-break. The situation looks bearish at the moment, so my main priority is the downside of the price to 1907 with a new attempt to break-through this support.

The moving averages are also pointing at the formation of a global flat. 1954-1870. The strong pressure from the sellers is likely to be still present in the market.

The medium-term outlook points to a possible further decline.

To make a bet on further growth from the technical analysis point of view, the price should break through the resistance area of 1935-1935, and then the momentum to 1960-1981 will be formed

There are some interesting news in the week ahead. The inflation in the west is still high and in that case the gold has negative fundamentals as the Fed continues to aggressively look at the rates