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GMTUSDT → the coin is moving into the realization phase

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📈 GMTUSDT → the coin is moving into the realization phase


GMTUSDT is entering the realization phase after a long accumulation. Price is testing resistance for a breakout
On the High timeframe, the coin is testing the resistance area. A breakout and bullish momentum is forming. A price consolidation above 0.4000 will open a new potential for the bulls. The coin is quite far behind the market and if the bulls keep the price in the new zone, a long rally to 1.11 and 1.75 may be waiting for us ahead.

Technically, now we are interested in 0.4060 and the upper boundary of the channel. Possible retest after the breakout, but price consolidation above this zone will form an intermediate bottom, which will favor the market.

Resistance levels: 0.4060, 0.4867

Support levels: 0.2566

The market is ready to turn around and show us strong growth, but for this the bulls need to keep the price in the green zone.