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Trading signals for KAVAUSDT → Bullish dynamics on the background of red bitcoin

CRYPTO forecast
KAVAUSDT shows bullish strength amid a falling market. The price does not follow bitcoin and continues to strengthen.

As almost the entire cryptocurrency market follows bitcoin and has been in the red zone for several days in a row, Kava / TetherUS breaks resistance and bursts forward.

At this point, the important task lies with the bulls. If the buyers manage to keep the price above the 0.800 range, the growth will continue in the medium term. The daily chart shows interest in the market.

The price breaks through the SMA-50 line and now seeks to test the SMA-200 resistance. If this area is broken, the price can form a bullish momentum.

Strong resistance: MA-200, 0.960, 1.140.

Strong support: MA-50, downward boundary of the range.

I expect if the price fixes above the previously broken line, the growth will continue. In this case I will wait for the price movement to 1.400, 2.000