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ETHEREUM → Rising to 4000? Positive fundamental background...

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📈 ETHEREUM → Rising to 4000? Positive fundamental background...


ETH may end the correction phase and move into the distribution phase, the target could be 4000-4800. Fundamentally, ethereum is receiving positive signals from regulators
The price is breaking the resistance of the local correction pattern. The coin is trying to go beyond the consolidation range (breaking the bearish wedge resistance). A break of the local high will be a confirmation that the correction is over and the market is ready to move on.

Earlier ETH-ETF was approved, the next stage is confirmation of S-1 form (admission to trading), SEC is actively working with issuers, trading may start this summer.

Also, a positive sign of a strong market is the end of the SEC's judicial investigation against ConsenSys (Ethereum developer). Volumes are rising and like the price, traders are taking this fact positively.

Resistance levels: 3650, 3730

Support levels: 3585, 3480, 3400

The price consolidation above 3650-3730 will confirm the end of the correction. Bulls in this case can take the situation into their own hands after a long accumulation, the target of which may be a test of high, as well as ath.