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#TRXUSDT → Consolidation. Breaking through Strong Resistance

CRYPTO forecast
TRXUSDT breaks the downward resistance, which has been holding the price back for more than a year. As we can see, the price forms a local uptrend and on the next retest the coin forms a breakout. What's next?

The energy for the breakout has been accumulating since the end of last year. The last month and a half the price sticks to the resistance and forms pressure from below. (Triangle area).

While many altcoins have been confidently updating highs TRX has been practicing stamina and accumulating.

It remains for the bulls to hold the 0.0650 level defense behind them.

Strong support: 0.065, 0.0600.

Strong resistance: 0.0700 (breakdown strategy)

I expect from the bulls a confident consolidation of the price above the broken line with the subsequent growth towards 0.0800, then to 0.1000