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APTUSDT → Potential for further growth

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📈 APTUSDT → Potential for further growth


APT forms support 8.08 and pre-breakdown consolidation, within which it breaks the trend resistance.

After breaking the resistance, the market forms a local high of 11.1 after which it tests the previously broken trend resistance and the support of 8.08. The market is trying to change the trend and it is logical on the growth of the total market capitalization. Technically, the coin has a good enough potential to catch up with other coins in growth.

It is worth paying attention to the zone of 9.220 - 8.08. The bulls are trying to hold this area, increasing their volume. It is worth waiting for the price to consolidate above this area to confirm the bullish potential. The moving averages are supporting the market, and the false break of MA-50 gives a good signal.

Resistance levels: 10.9, 12.67

Support levels: 9.22, 8.08

It is worth considering the potential for buying at the moment. A price consolidation above 9.22 will give a good place to open a trade.