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ETH → Moving from the old range to the new one. Target $3500

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📈 ETH → Moving from the old range to the new one. Target $3500


Ethereum breaks the consolidation resistance and makes an attempt to enter a new wide range. The target of this maneuver, after fixing the price above the support, may become the area of $3580
The market has been forging consolidations and prolonged retests of the 2300 area for several weeks. After the formation of another set-up, which I warned you about earlier, the price breaks this area. In fact, we were ready for it.

Several support levels are important for us at the moment: (rlinda . com) 2383 and 2300. Consolidation of the price above these levels will form a big bullish potential, which in the medium term will determine for us the further priority and further path. But in the priority we expect the price growth to continue, as ETH has a positive fundamental and technical background. The medium-term target for us is 2650. There are also chances that the price may test this zone this year and reach the upper boundary of the mentioned range next year.

Support levels: 2383, 2300, 2340

Resistance levels: 2445

Moving averages support the market

We expect the growth to continue as we have a favorable fundamental and technical background.