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📈 GOLD → Awaiting the FOMC & Fed press release. ↑ or ↓ ?

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GOLD is realizing the potential of the "flag" pattern I talked about yesterday. The correction wave is ending and the price continues to strengthen
Today, Wednesday, important news are published, we are interested in those that will be at 18:00 GMT from FOMC, FED. Current issues related to the rate and inflation, some representatives of this structure say that the rate may increase, and the temporary weakening of inflation may soon end amid geopolitical factors.

The gold price breaks correction resistance and starts to strengthen, testing the 1970 area. Below is one of the key support 1969.3, the expected consolidation above the level may form a potential for bullish movement. Before the news I recommend to trade carefully and try to reduce risks. Moving averages indicate a neutral stance in the market before the news.

Support levels: 1969.3

Resistance levels: 1973.5, 1983

If the news is bullish for the dollar, the surge in volume could destroy the gold's strength and in this case the price will move towards 1950, the technical analysis of the XAU suggests a continuation of the upside. Actually in this combination lies the difficulty

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