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GOLD → Resistance Retest. What are the chances of a FB?

GOLD Forecast
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📈 GOLD → Resistance Retest. What are the chances of a FB?


GOLD is forming a correction and testing strong downward resistance formed from 2150. The chances of a breakout are a little less than a false breakout, which, at this point in time, we are betting on.
On the senior timeframe we can clearly see that the price is testing a strong resistance area. There is no clear trend, something similar to a descending triangle is forming with the boundaries: descending resistance and support area 1980-2000. Technically, even the imposed sanctions on Friday did not show a proper market reaction. On the background of high rates and tight Fed policy, the gold market is still under the pressure of sellers. It is still worth emphasizing 2038.15 and the downside resistance. False breakout and price consolidation below these lines, followed by a downward breakout at 2031.16 may form a price decline to the support of the 2021-2015 range.

Resistance levels: red line, 2038, 2042

Support levels: 2031, 2021, 2015

At the moment we are betting on the formation of a false breakdown, as there are more preconditions for this than for the price to break this area. The market is still in a global flat