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Trading signals for #SUSHIUSDT → Resistance breakout. Expect momentum

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📈 SUSHIUSDT → Resistance breakout. Expect momentum

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SUSHI is forming a bearish wedge and after retesting the global bottom, the price starts to strengthen, breaking the resistance of the pattern

A symmetrical triangle has been forming for the last few weeks, within which the potential is accumulating. Within the forming figure, the price is breaking the resistance of the global wedge, but is still trapped under the triangle resistance. Most likely, when breaking the symmetrical triangle resistance, the coin can show an excellent bullish momentum. The market is waiting for activity from bitcoin, but it has reduced its volatility to a minimum, showing little reaction over the past few weeks only yesterday when the market bought back the decline and altcoins reacted accordingly.

The SUSHI bulls may prove themselves in the near future

Support levels: 0.637, previously broken wedge resistance

Resistance levels: Triangle resistance, 0.827

I expect consolidation above the wedge and retest of the triangle resistance with the subsequent breakout and growth towards these levels

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