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Trading signals for #BTCUSD → The market continues to test resistance for a breakout

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📈 BTCUSD → The market continues to test resistance for a breakout

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#BTC continues to make an onslaught on the key level - 28474 (28500). This area separates us from the active strengthening of the price to the next important milestone - 31411

On October 16, amid false positive news with ETF approval, the flagship cryptocurrency is testing the 30000 zone. After the false positive was determined, the market sold off some volume, but the session was on the upside. At the moment, the crypto is still experiencing a lull. There is plenty of time before BTC halving, there are few fundamental nuances at the moment, obchanges are still low, and medium and long term holders continue to hold the coin.

On the chart, I have marked several important levels and a key range. In the long term, I expect a retest of flat resistance (31411) but only after a break of 28474, which may happen after another retest. The level of 31400 separates us from the growth to 34000-40000. In principle, the area of 30000 is very actively restraining the price, but against the background of the global bullish trend, the price continues to test the area for a breakout.

Key resistance: 28474

Key support: 26700, 25400

In the long term I expect a small pullback followed by a retest of 28474, in the phase of which the price may finally break this level and mark us further growth towards 31000

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