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#JASMYUSDT → Another attempt to break the trend

CRYPTO forecast
JASMY forms a global reversal pattern, which opens new potential.
The coin forms a pre-breakout consolidation near the upper limit of the channel. The price successfully breaks the line.

JASMY opens for itself a new range. On the daily chart, yesterday, the price breaks the resistance and closes above the line, forming a local resistance level at 0.006577 and with another retest and breakout of that area, we might see a strong momentum towards 0.01000

Daily moving averages are acting as support, on the daily timeframe the price consolidates above the previously broken line. The way is open for the upside towards 0.008325

Strong support: previously broken channel line, support at 0.005742

Strong resistance: 0.006577 (breakdown strategy) 0.0069

I expect the continuation of growth after the final fixation of the price above the channel. The medium-term target is 0.008325, the long-term target is the liquidity zone 0.012