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GOLD → The price will continue to rise provided...

GOLD Forecast
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📈 GOLD → The price will continue to rise provided...


GOLD formed a rally at the end of last week and broke the resistance of the downtrend. The reason is another armed crisis, but in Southwest Asia

On Monday, the market opened the session with price strengthening and retesting 2058. The mood of the market is such that the price growth may continue in the medium term. There is no sense to pay attention to the dollar now, temporarily the correlation in the pair is decreasing and fundamentally gold looks quite a strong asset.

Today the volatility may be lower than the daily average due to the fact that it is a holiday weekend in the USA.

Technically, rlinda. com, as the market is testing the level of 2050, the price consolidation above this area will form a bullish potential, which in the medium term can push the price to 2070, 2100, 2150. It is also worth paying attention to the moving averages.

Support levels: 2050, MA50+MA200, 2039

Resistance levels: 2058, 2064, 2070

The market is testing the support, against which gold can strengthen on the background of favorable fundamental background for the asset