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EURUSD → Retest of downtrend resistance amid weak $

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📈 EURUSD → Retest of downtrend resistance amid weak $


EURUSD is heading towards trend resistance with interest. This is also supported by the weak dollar, which is standing still. But, the currency pair is still in a bearish trend
Buyers are trying to strengthen the euro. On D1 a consolidation format of movement is formed. In this case, the pair may test the trend resistance, but it will be difficult to break it the first time, because the dollar will continue to rise in price for some time due to the actions of regulators, which will affect the euro.

Resistance levels: 1.0802, 1.0864

Support levels: 1.0736, 1.0703

At the moment there is a probability of a retest of the resistance area, but the bears can give strong resistance to the buyers' interests, which in general can be reflected as a pullback from the upper boundary of the trend.