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GOLD → Counter-trend correction and a target of 2050

GOLD Forecast
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📈 GOLD → Counter-trend correction and a target of 2050


GOLD looks quite strong and on the background of growing dollar index does not give up its positions much. Consolidation in the range of 2069.8 - 2029.6 continues.
The dollar index feels overheated but still supported by the US FED & FOMC. Regulators are carefully trying to control the situation and stop any possibility of early interest rate cuts. As we can see, the dollar price is actively reacting to such comments. The index is squeezed between MA200 and MA50 and, in all likelihood, from the support may continue to rise in January-February to the trend resistance, which will have a corresponding effect on the forex market and gold.
Gold is trading within the descending price channel and on the background of unstable geopolitical situation, the price is trading calmly inside the range. The logical price reaction to a false break of trend support is a technical reversal is formed and we see a counter-trend correction to resistance. On D1 gold is forming a strong resistance zone formed by several highs (2150, 2085, 2070, 2063), on the global timeframe, technically and fundamentally the asset looks promising. The current geopolitical situation is affecting the gold price to the upside, but the market is correlated with the dollar index and as long as the latter is strengthening, gold will still react to it.

Gold may continue to rise at the beginning of the week for several reasons:

•- the attacks on Yemen and the response to US vessels continued over the weekend

•- dollar index closed Friday's session in the correction phase

•- On the hourly timeframe, gold ended Friday's session with the end of the correction in the 2025 area. The price has consolidated above the psychologically and technically important level, respectively, it will favorably affect the price growth.