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Trading signals for #OCEANUSDT → A break of resistance will give a 30% increase

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💡 Ideas For OCEANUSDT 📈

📈 OCEANUSDT → A break of resistance will give a 30% increase

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OCEAN forms a bottom at 0.1208 and forms a false breakout. After formation of the formation, the price rallies and goes into consolidation in the triangle format

After retesting the triangle resistance on July 22, the price forms a small correction after which the price forms a pre-breakout consolidation near the upper boundary of the formation.

Altcoins have been showing positive dynamics lately and most likely the breakout of resistance at OCEAN will give excellent potential.

While bitcoin is forming a correction and forming a local support area, the altcoin price is updating the local high and breaking the resistance.

The price is testing MA-50 and may soon test MA-200 as resistance

Support levels: 0.3335

Resistance levels: 0.3605

I expect the final breakout of the triangle resistance with the subsequent strengthening of the price to these levels

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