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GBPUSD → Waiting for a breakthrough of 1.2560

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📈 GBPUSD → Waiting for a breakthrough of 1.2560

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#GBPUSD after breaking the resistance of the ascending channel leads to a retest of the line in the format of a false breakout, indicating that the market is ready to continue its growth
The #DXY forms a false breakout of resistance and on the peculiar fundamental background opens Friday with a slight fall, which appropriately affects the strengthening of the Pound Sterling.

There is an important resistance level for the currency pair on D1: 1.2559 - 1.2560. The price is slowly and confidently approaching this area after a small pullback, which forms the third retest. The probability of resistance breakout increases with each test.

The chance of this is also increased by the exit from the previously formed channel and the formation of pre-breakout consolidation near the key resistance.

The strategy is simple: the breakthrough of resistance will be and price fixation on M5-M15 above the level will open the possibility to enter the market. (Or on a pullback (after the breakout) and on a test of 1.2560 as support.

Resistance levels: 1.2560

Support levels: 1.2525, 1.25000

I expect that the next retest of the mentioned resistance will lead to the expected breakout with the subsequent price growth towards 1.2726.

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