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GOLD → The market is warming and bullish potential is forming

GOLD Forecast
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📈 GOLD → The market is warming and bullish potential is forming


#XAUUSD strengthens and tests the local high but fails to reach the key resistance at 2050. A strong consolidation above the 2030 level and subsequent momentum is forming.
On D1 we see the potential that the market is aiming for. On the background of weakening DXY, on the gold market bulls form a strong support area below 2030 after which within the framework of realization of the accumulated potential the market strengthens, forming a bullish impulse.

For us at the moment the area of 2034 and 0.382 fibo plays an important role. As the pre-breakout consolidation is formed in relation to the resistance, and after the false breakout of 2040 the price does not fall, but breaks the resistance, it seems that with a positive fundamental background the market may continue its growth.
But before the growth the price may finally test the support. (rlinda . com) As part of the realization, the price may reach the area of 2050 or even 2060. Closing of today's daily session will determine for us the medium-term potential for the next week.

Resistance levels: 2047.5, 2050. 2062
Support levels: 2038, 2030, 2025

It seems that the market is getting ready to test the resistance. A pullback within the range may follow. Price return to resistance will prepare the market for further growth.