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Trading signals for #RUNEUSDT → Price breaks resistance after retesting the bottom

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📈 RUNEUSDT → Price breaks resistance after retesting the bottom

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RUNE is forming a prolonged downtrend. A global setup capable of changing the trend is being formed. After testing the bottom, the price starts to realize the bullish potential

The rebound from 0.777 (market bottom) forms a bullish reaction on the background of bitcoin growth. An active strengthening and breakout of the global trend resistance is formed. The price is sandwiched between local resistance at 1.110 and support at 1.003. A local consolidation may be formed with the subsequent retest of the upper boundary of the flat and realization of the breakout. This move may give the market a new potential and price growth. MA-50 acts as support and MA-200 as resistance. The height of the range is large and this gives scope for the medium term.

Support levels: 1.003, 0.777, MA-50

Resistance levels: 1.110

I expect a retest of 1.110 followed by a breakout and further growth to 1.433 or 1.722

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