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ETHUSD → Retest 2800. What's next? Growth or pullback?

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📈 ETHUSD → Retest 2800. What's next? Growth or pullback?


ETH is forming a gorgeous rally after breaking through the consolidation resistance of 2838. There was an idea where I pointed out the importance of this area. The coin is up almost +19%
Technically, the price is currently forming a trend retest and is at its highs. High interest in etherum as well as strong fundamentals play a favorable role for further strengthening of the pair. The main fundamental frontier is ETH-ETF, analysts are waiting for approval in summer, but so far it is only a rumor.

Technically, after the rally, the price can form a false break of trend resistance and 2788.8 and form a correction to the risk area - 0.236 fibo or 2644 before further growth. But the market is so strong that consolidation above 2788.8 may form a local bottom, which will favor further growth to the above targets.

Support levels: trend, 0.236 fibo, 2644

Resistance levels: 2788.8, 2952, 3275

A strong bullish trend may form a stop or a small correction before further growth. Technically and fundamentally everything is predisposed to the trend continuation.