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GOLD → Why could the metal's price rise continue?

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📈 GOLD → Why could the metal's price rise continue?


GOLD closes the trading week above the opening, which is quite a positive sign, as the market has obvious reasons for the rally, which can continue up to 2150
We are living in a time of a 30 year record number of armed conflicts with over 180 clashes. This is all affecting the market, including gold. A recent reason for gold's rally was the military operation against the Houthis in Yemen by the U.S. and the Great Britain for the freedom of the sea route. As part of the rally, the price is overcoming bearish resistance and forming further preconditions for a possible rise.
There is not much fundamentally significant news in the coming week, the world is focused on the war in the Middle East, which is still ongoing and the new armed conflict in Southwest Asia. rlinda. com This is pre-determining the medium-term outlook for gold. Gold on the other hand breaks trend resistance, which temporarily detaches the correlation between the assets, hence the format of technical and fundamental analysis changes a bit.

The coming week may see a retest of local support before a further retest. Now all eyes are focused on the resistance of the global range 2050-2070 and it is likely that in the medium term gold may break this level and start to form a new global range