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GOLD → Testing 2400. Can the rally continue?

GOLD Forecast
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📈 GOLD → Testing 2400. Can the rally continue?


GOLD reaches our goal of 2400. The psychological level is tested, but 2400 does not mean expensive. The growth may continue as the potential and interest is still huge

From 2400 a correction to the nearest area of liquidity can be formed. The market needs to rest and accumulate a bit before breaking through 2400 to continue further upside as fundamentally, economically and geopolitically nothing has changed. High interest, inflation problems continue to warm the price to further strengthening.

Before the growth the price may correct to 2383, 2375 or 2365, or consolidation between these levels, after which the price may return to retest 2400.

Resistance levels: 2400, 2425

Support levels: 2383, 2375

Technically, we should wait for the continuation of growth after a small pullback. At the moment there are no reasons for a reversal or a strong fall. The fundamental background and general potential remains the same