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Trading signals for CELOUSDT → A new bullish phase of the market opens

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📈 CELOUSDT → A new bullish phase of the market opens

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#CELOUSDT breaks through the upper boundary of consolidation, which opens a new bullish potential for the coin after a prolonged downtrend

The cryptocurrency market continues to actively strengthen and increase market capitalization. CELOUSDT coin started to accumulate market interest after breaking 0.486 resistance, just at the moment of breaking the 200-day moving average. The momentum continues and the price breaks the resistance that has been forming for a year.

Volumes and therefore interest from the market is increasing. The price is entering a new, potentially bullish range. A consolidation of the price above 0.555 after a possible retest will give the market a confirmed buying potential and form an ideal entry point. Realization of the accumulation may lead to a rise to 0.720 and 0.900 rather quickly.

Resistance levels: 0.613

Support levels: 0.555, 0.486

In the long term I expect support retest with the subsequent continuation of price growth towards the above targets

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