R.Linda Trading - forecast

GBPUSD - Breakthrough upward. Target 1.24500

FOREX forecast
GBPUSD is exiting the downward price channel . The price breaks above the liquidity zone and tries to stay in the long zone.

Change of the local trend will denote us new targets in the form of price growth. The price is in a global range between 1.24500 and 1.19500. The currency pair pushing up from the support of Ma-50 and Ma-200 is moving towards the resistance. The global trend has ceased to be clearly marked recently, so we are talking about neutrality on the market, but locally we are headed up.

I expect that the bulls will be able to keep 1.21500 area and from the level we will start the growth. Short-term target is the resistance at 1.22800, medium-term target is the liquidity zone at 1.24500