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Trading signal for ADAUSDT → Recovery on the back of market growth

CRYPTO forecast
ADAUSDT forms a support base on the background of a technical pullback in the area of 0.3750-0.3800. An uptrend is forming after breaking the previous one.

Bitcoin recovered most of its fall yesterday. One of the main reasons is again related to the banking sector.

Cardano also reacts to the growth of the flagship. The price makes a retest of the key resistance area of 0.4000. If the bulls can take control of this area, the cryptocurrency may reach the previously mentioned targets in the near future

Moving averages act as a support area, an uptrend is formed.

Strong support: 0.3800

Strong resistance: 0.4000, 0.4600

I expect, that on the base of cryptocurrency market recovery cardano can overcome important resistance and will continue its growth in the direction of 0.5500-0.6000