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#ROSEUSDT → Retest and break resistance. Rising to 0.11?

CRYPTO forecast
ROSEUSDT in the moment formation of the day formed a global reversal set-up, which failed, but formed a strong support base. The price is now breaking resistance and confirming the intent of the market.

After the formation of a strong reversal area, the price from the channel resistance forms a retest of the support area 0.05-0.04, after grabbing the liquidity cryptocurrency makes a retest of the resistance.

The price makes an attempt to break through global trend resistance and begins to form a bullish momentum.

The bulls have a chance to reverse the market.

Strong support: channel boundary, 0.072, 0.0685

Strong resistance: 0.0857.

I expect the continuation of growth after the price fixes above the broken line. My target is 0.1100.