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📈 TLMUSDT → Double bottom breaks resistance

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TLM is forming a double bottom on the chart. The market enters the phase of pattern realization, and also begins to use the previously accumulated energy

BTCUSD momentarily stops its fall near the area of 26000 and stands still for a long time. Yesterday the flagship formed an impulse based on fundamental factors, which provoked a bullish movement on the altcoin market.

The double bottom is entering the realization phase, the price breaks the resistance of the descending wedge and forms consolidation. It is important for us to wait for the price to finally consolidate above the pattern resistance and form a bullish potential.

Support Levels: Pattern Resistance, 0.00936

Resistance levels: 0.01142, 0.01227.

I expect the growth to continue, if the bulls can hold the price. Medium-term target is 0.01515.

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