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Trading signals for #KNCUSDT → A break of resistance forms an impulse

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📈 KNCUSDT → A break of resistance forms an impulse

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KNC breaks the resistance of the figure and forms the primary impulse. The resistance 0.726 is retested. The price moves to the realization phase. What to expect next?

KNCUSDT is forming a bullish setup. The prolonged downtrend may break and change to a bullish trend.

The price is retesting 0.726 in the phase of realizing the accumulated potential.

If 0.726 is broken through, the growth to the key resistance 0.933 can be formed, which will separate us from the active growth to 2.200, as the area of 0.933-2.200 is empty and there will be no obstacles for the price.

Recently, altcoins are increasing volumes and are active, which may show good potential in the near future.

Support levels: 0.575, 0.495

Resistance levels: 0.726, 0.933

I expect a bounce from 0.726 and a possible retest of the previously broken figure boundary, but in the medium term I stick to the fact that the price can show excellent growth by tens of percent

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