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UNFI → Resistance Retest. Ready for a breakthrough

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📈 UNFI → Resistance Retest. Ready for a breakthrough


UNFI is showing positive dynamics amid the red cryptocurrency market. The coin is approaching strong resistance and we have the potential to catch a breakout with subsequent growth
On the weekly timeframe, the coin is still in consolidation (range 16.0 - 2.5). But, against the background of the general neutral trend we have a downward resistance, which is once again being retested. A pre-breakout consolidation is formed against the wedge resistance, due to which an attempt to break the line and further strengthening can be formed. An initial test of resistance may lead to a small bounce, but a quick retest will increase the chances of a breakout.

Support levels: 3.281

Resistance levels: 5.716

I expect the formation of a local consolidation with a gradual push to the resistance of the wedge and further breakout.