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Trading signals for #NZDCHF → Activity of dynamic sellers forms a triangle

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📈 NZDCHF → Activity of dynamic sellers forms a triangle

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NZDCHF is forming a multi-month descending triangle. Globally, the currency pair is under downtrend pressure. What's going on?

Buyers are forming the limit zone at 0.5444, sellers continue to press this area since the end of April, thus a descending triangle is formed on the chart, which speaks for itself.

False breakdown of the support does not give the result and we see an attempt of another retest of the support level.

Formation of the subsequent test or pre-breakdown consolidation will form the momentum that can break the mentioned support and form a bearish impulse towards 0.5350.

But, if the buyers hold the zone, the price will head upwards. A breakout and consolidation of the price above 0.5496 will be a buy signal.

Support levels: 0.5444

Resistance levels: 0.5496

I expect the support breakout based on the technical feature of the currency pair at the moment.

Medium-term target is the support at 0.5350

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