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Trading signals for #GOLD → Price forms a flat while DXY consolidates

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📈 GOLD → Price forms a flat while DXY consolidates

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GOLD is stopping. Yesterday I said that we should expect a flat formation in the near future. We are seeing confirmation. A break of trend resistance sends the price to retest 1900, after which a range of 1900 - 1885 is formed

Note the dollar chart below. Gold is highly dependent on the DXY price. USD breaks the 103 level but does not form a proper momentum but forms a correction to 103. If the bulls hold this level and the upside begins, gold will react accordingly. But now there is a high chance that DXY will make a false breakout of this level and head downwards. In this case, gold will break the 1900 level, which it is now heading to retest and may form an impulse to 1912.25.

Globally, I don't see strong preconditions for a market reversal and growth to 2000. I expect a correction or growth to 1912, maybe even to 1925, but in the medium term - a fall to 1880-1850.

Support levels: 1890, 1893, 1885

Resistance levels: 1900

I expect a retest of 1900, if the dollar starts to fall, gold will break the level and head towards 1912, if the dollar from 103 starts to strengthen, we should wait for the fall of XAU

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